A Letter from the Chairperson

Welcome to the Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls area!  We are a region rich in natural resources, industry, commerce, community, and real Mainers.  We invite you to experience the true Maine: a Maine of natural beauty harnessed by enterprising entrepreneurs, of friendly people who genuinely want to help you, and a place for a quiet moment to take for yourself.

Our area boasts the mighty Androscoggin River, running through our towns and providing power, recreation, and beauty.  Numerous falls and rips can be explored by kayak or canoe.  Or maybe enjoy a local coffee by one of our dams and watch the water tumble.  

Come enjoy our many lakes and ponds with a boat ride, fishing trip, or take a dip in the summer heat.  When it’s cold, our winter ice fishing is world class.  And Maine’s major snowmobile trails are all accessible; no need to drive any further.  Nearby hiking opportunities are available for those who want to get even closer to nature.  Snowshoe in the winter, go camping in the summer.  Area skiing options abound, including our own local Spruce Mountain Ski Club on the shores of the river.

Our local farms have for centuries provided fresh produce of all kinds to our local dining establishments.  They have the best Maine has to offer, from fine dining with family to bustling diners with friends.  

Our community acts like a community.  We work and play together.  Our area boasts numerous community events through the year, like History Night, the Apple Pumpkin Festival, and the Spruce Mountain Sled-In.  Check out the calendar of events in this Guide and then come have some fun.

Folks in the Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls are hard workers.  Be sure to see the back of this Guide for a listing of our members.  We farm, we cut, we build, we design, and we make.  We are as friendly as we are productive.  Our business community takes that to heart.  So come visit our shops, where you will find local crafts, amazing local treats, and someone behind the counter who smiles and genuinely wants to talk to you.  That’s the way Maine really is.

Bob Berry, Chairman - Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce


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