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A Letter from the Chairperson

Happy Spring! 

You are a valued leader. Your work in our community is important. You have risen to meet the needs of the people of Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls and beyond. Have you ever felt alone in your leadership position? This is a normal emotion that leaders feel. It is exacerbated as you face the dynamic shifts that the world is throwing at you. Can I shed some truth?  You are not alone... 

You might be feeling uncertain about the future. You might be having questions about finances, employee retention, expansion, or retirement. Many are the challenges that you face as a leader. We understand that and we are on your side. Your Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce is welcoming you to a new chapter in your business and organization.  

We are assembling new tools, making new connections, and holding informational events that connect you to new opportunities that will help you both now and in the future. Your local JLLF Chamber of Commerce has many new members on the board and you are going to want to stay connected with this group! They are tuned, motivated, and engaged in the mission of the chamber which is “to facilitate economic growth, support our communities, and promote opportunities for prosperity in our area.” 

Your first step to this new “chamber connected” chapter in your business or organization is to stay current with your JLLF dues contributions. After you have made your dues contribution, (and for those that are already current) we will be communicating opportunities for networking, training and much more that will be available to you.  

You are not alone in leadership and the JLLF Chamber of Commerce is here to prove that. We are so excited to connect with opportunities for your development in the coming days. Stay tuned this is going to be good! 

Sincerely yours, 

Joel Gilbert 

Berry Fruit Farm 

JLLF Chamber of Commerce, Chair 

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