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Washburn-Norlands Living History Center

Step back in time with us at the Washburn-Norlands Living History Center and embark on an exciting journey into the past. We offer a range of interactive programs designed to give our guests a firsthand experience of life in 18th—and 19th-century Maine.

Norlands was the family home of the Washburns, a prominent political and industrial dynasty of the 19th century. Israel and Martha Washburn had ten children, and remarkably, seven of their sons held esteemed positions such as governors, congressmen, a United States senator, Secretary of State, foreign ministers, a Civil War general, and a Navy captain.

The Washburn brothers left an indelible mark as industrialists. They founded the Washburn-Crosby Gold Medal Flour Company, invented a typewriter, and served as presidents of railroads.

Today, Norlands is a dynamic museum offering immersive experiences into 18th and 19th-century rural life. Visitors actively engage in daily and seasonal farming and housework, participating in the social, political, and educational activities of the era.

The center comprises six historic buildings that recreate a crossroads community of the time:

  • A one-room schoolhouse
  • A stone library
  • A church
  • A grand mansion (built in 1867)
  • A large barn
  • Various outbuildings

All of these are nestled on several hundred acres of land.

Throughout the year, Norlands hosts festivals and events with a "turn of the century" ambiance. Visitors can step back in time and delve into the influential Washburn family's history. Many artifacts are displayed as if the family had just stepped out for the day, offering a glimpse into everyday life in the Washburn mansion through toys, clothing, furniture, and personal items.

To find Norlands, take Rt. 4 south from Livermore Falls, turn left onto Rt. 108, and follow the signs.

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 Washburn-Norlands Living History Center
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"When the long dun wolds are ribb'd with snow,
And loud the Norland whirlwinds blow,"

by Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892)



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