Cole Teague Earns Healthcare Constructor Certification

10 Jun 2015 9:09 AM | Deleted user


Cole Teague Earns Healthcare Constructor Certification

Is Franklin Memorial Hospital’s chief of facilities management



Cole Teague, CHC, CHFM, Franklin Memorial Hospital’s chief of facilities management, has earned the designation of Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC). The CHC is a national credential that distinguishes an individual as being among an elite group of over 800 healthcare construction professionals who currently hold the certification.


The CHC Program supports the community of healthcare construction professionals and is designed to provide an objective and rigorous assessment of mastery of a well-defined body of professional knowledge. To earn the CHC, an individual must satisfy eligibility requirements that incorporate a blend of professional experience and education, agree to adhere to the AHA Professional Standards of Conduct, and pass the CHC Certification Examination. The CHC Examination assesses knowledge required of a competent healthcare construction manager in the areas of healthcare industry fundamentals; planning, design and construction process; healthcare facility safety-additions and renovations; and financial stewardship.


To retain the certification, Teague must demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development by maintaining currency of the certification through participation in professional development activities.


Teague additionally holds certification in Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM) since 2011. He resides in Fairfield with

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