Governor LePage Has Repeatedly Offered and Continues to Call for Tax Relief Compromise

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Governor LePage Has Repeatedly Offered and Continues to Call for Tax Relief Compromise

June 3, 2015

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 03, 2015
Contact: Adrienne Bennett, Press Secretary, 207-287-2531

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage and a majority of Republicans Legislators, including Leadership in the House Representatives, are standing firm to include in the budget meaningful tax relief for the people of Maine.

However, unwillingness from Democrats, led by Speaker Mark Eves, is causing increased chatter of a failure to reach a compromise. It is unfortunate that Mr. Eves could cause such a failure.

“Democrats led an effort to strip all income tax relief for Mainers in this budget. They have done so behind closed doors in the dark of night. Instead of providing any kind of tax reductions, Democrats have chosen instead to demand taxpayer dollars be spent on illegal immigrants. I continue to encourage lawmakers to instead spend precious funds on the hardworking people of Maine, including our elderly, who have earned that money,” said Governor LePage.

Governor LePage presented a budget to the Legislature on January 9 giving lawmakers nearly five months to work on a compromise plan of action. Throughout that time the Governor has been willing and interested in reaching a consensus on a path forward.

The Governor and his staff have met repeatedly with Republican leaders to offer multiple scenarios which would offer a path forward to reach income tax relief for hard working Mainers who still earn below the national average in income.

Earlier this year, Republican Leadership asked the Governor for ideas for additional spending cuts that might fund tax relief. The Governor has continually provided many paths which Republicans could use in budget negotiations including a comprehensive list of potential spending cuts they might consider. The list is here.

It is important to note, Governor LePage was not endorsing nor rejecting any of the specific cuts. The list was part of the process of finding a solution to provide income tax cuts for economic growth and to support hard working Mainers. Again, this was just one part of the Governor’s efforts to help reach consensus.

The Governor continues to point out that income tax relief is critical to continue Maine’s economic progress.

There is still time to come together before the Legislature adjourns on June 17. The Governor encourages everyone to work together.

“If the budget passed today, Mainers lose. There is absolutely no tax relief for hardworking middle class taxpayers and job creators, nor is there funding for our most vulnerable citizens – our elderly, disabled and mentally ill. We need a budget that helps our people prosper and that will strengthen the economy. This so-called deal is unacceptable and many Republicans continue to be willing and ready put the people of Maine first. This is what they elected us to do and it’s our responsibility to follow through,” said Governor LePage.

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