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    Report Shows Maine is Less Competitive with Other States in Energy Costs

    AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage today released a new report that shows high energy costs and Maine’s inability to best use its natural resources will continue having a devastating impact on Maine’s industrial and manufacturing sector, particularly mills and the forest products industry, limiting the state’s ability to prosper and compete in the global marketplace.

    The high cost of energy, as well as high wood prices, were major factors in the closure of Verso in Bucksport, the declaration of bankruptcy at Lincoln Paper and the pending shutdown of Expera Specialty Solutions in Old Town. Other mills around the state are also struggling with these high costs.

    “Maine must take action to be competitive in the marketplace. Politicians pretend to care about job creation and helping Maine people, yet they refuse to pass good public policy to lower energy prices,” said Governor LePage.  “Meanwhile, hundreds of Maine families are losing their jobs and businesses are closing or relocating. In order to achieve greater economic prosperity, we must work together and accept the hard facts. This report is a reality check for the Legislature.”

    The report, Benchmarking Maine’s Forest Industry (linked below), was commissioned jointly by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development and the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.  It explores the challenges facing Maine’s Pulp and Paper industry compared to those in other states.  Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC of Portland used Maine-based data to compare Maine to those states highlighted in a recent Minnesota Forest Resources Council report.

    According to the report:

    • Maine has the highest industrial electric price;
    • Maine has the highest industrial natural gas price;
    • Maine taxes are among the highest as a percentage of GDP (tied with Minnesota); and,
    • Maine wood costs are some of the highest in the United States.

    Despite the Legislature’s inaction, the Governor is committed to work within the authority of the Executive Branch to address and implement strategies to reduce energy costs. The Governor’s Energy Office Director Patrick Woodcock will continue the regional process to achieve a unified regional agreement to expand natural gas pipeline capacity into the region.

    In 2014, The New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) made significant progress toward reaching an agreement to bring additional natural gas pipeline capacity, as well as additional electric transmission from Canada and northern Maine, into the region.  The six-state coalition’s work is continuing, and Maine will be taking a leadership role toward finalizing an agreement for additional energy infrastructure.

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    Governor Seeks Judicial Candidates for the Maine District Court

    For Immediate Release: October 1, 2015 Media Contact: Peter Steele, Communications Director,

    AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage today announced that his Judicial Selection Committee will continue to accept applications for vacancies on the Maine District Court.

    Applications will be accepted until October 16, 2015.

    “I take great pride in the process to select outstanding members of the Maine Bar who are expected to fill these important roles within our justice system,” said Governor LePage. “I have great respect for the Judicial Branch of Government and look forward to selecting candidates of the highest ethical, legal and intellectual caliber to fill these positions on the bench."

    The Governor’s Judicial Selection Committee will accept applications until October 16, 2015. All inquiries and applications materials are to be directed to John McGough, Chief of Staff.

    Interested individuals who have submitted an application since July 1, 2014 to the present need not reapply to be considered for these vacancies. Individuals who may have submitted applications prior to July 1, 2014 and who wish to be considered for the current openings should send a letter of interest or other transmittal indicating their continued interest in the position.

    Application materials are online at

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    Healthy Community Coalition Announces October Mobile Health Unit Schedule


    The Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County (HCC) announces its October schedule for Mobile Health Unit outreach events. October will be the final month of the year that the Mobile Health Unit will be traveling throughout Franklin County offering health screenings. Mobile Health Unit events will resume in the spring of 2016.


    Staff will be offering services such as blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose checks; cancer prevention; nutrition, physical activity and tobacco information; one-on-one health counseling and information; distracted driving education tools; and assistance with referrals to the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program and other health assistance programs.


    Additional services include colon cancer screening kits for those who qualify and body composition analysis. The test kits, a less invasive way to screen for colon cancer, can be completed in the privacy of one’s own home. Body composition analysis will allow participants to track various components such as changes in muscle and fat tissue, and physical fitness improvements in which weight may not change. Body composition analysis is an excellent tracking tool for weight loss, fitness and nutrition programs.


    The Mobile Health Unit will be offering health screenings at the Industry Food Bank on Monday, October 5 from 9-11 a.m. and Fairbanks Food Bank on Monday, October 5 from noon-2 p.m.; Rangeley Food Bank on Tuesday, October 6 from 10 a.m.-noon and Rangeley IGA on Tuesday, October 6 from 12:30-3 p.m.; Farmington Save-A-Lot on Wednesday, October 7 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.; Phillips Food Bank on Thursday, October 8 from 9-11 a.m. and Edmunds Market on Thursday, October 8 from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; Livermore Falls Food City on Tuesday, October 13 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; Eustis Food Bank on Friday, October 16 from 10 a.m.-noon and Fotter’s Market in Eustis on Friday, October 16 from 12:30-3 p.m.; and the Rangeley Senior Expo on Saturday, October 17 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Rangeley Inn.


    All services are provided free.  Donations are accepted. For more information please contact Janis Walker at 779-2750 or


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    Media Advisory: INCON to receive Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award

    September 28, 2015

    For Immediate Release: Monday, September 28, 2015
    Contact: Adrienne Bennett, Press Secretary, 207-287-2531

    SACO–Governor Paul R. LePage will join Maine Department of Environmental Protection Acting Commissioner Avery Day on Tuesday to present one of this year’s Awards for Environmental Excellence.

    The 2015 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence will be presented by the Governor and the Acting Commissioner in a ceremony at INCON offices in Saco. INCON was founded in 1978 and is the leading developer and manufacturer of intelligent online monitors for the power utility, hydroelectric and industrial markets.

    The company’s engineers have designed a monitor that detects leaks of SF6 (the most potent greenhouse gas) far earlier than any existing systems. This innovation will help protect the environment not only in the United States, but also on a global scale.

    The Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award program was created to honor businesses, not-for-profit organizations, public entities and new ventures for their extraordinary efforts to protect and improve Maine’s environment.

    WHO: Governor Paul R. LePage; Acting DEP Commissioner Avery Day; Tom Strupp, Vice President of Global Human Resources for INCON

    WHAT: 2015 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards

    WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    WHERE: INCON, 34 Spring Hill Road, Saco

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    Statement of the Governor on Lincoln Paper and Tissue Bankruptcy

    September 28, 2015

    For Immediate Release: Monday, September 28, 2015
    Contact: Adrienne Bennett, Press Secretary, 207-287-2531

    AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage released the following statement Monday regarding Lincoln Paper and Tissue filing a voluntary petition for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine:

    “Until the Legislature addresses the high cost of energy in Maine, which is a major burden on our manufacturing industry, mills like Lincoln Paper and Tissue, Verso Paper and Old Town Fuel and Fiber will be forced to shut down. Every decision I make as Governor is geared toward making Maine more competitive. Unfortunately, too many legislators can’t say the same. Their strict adherence to high-cost energy policies will surely result in the loss of more jobs.”

    “I will do everything I can to lower energy costs. We are now in partnership with four other New England states working to expand natural gas and hydropower into our region. We must move forward with bold energy legislation, rather than stick with status quo policies that are adding costs to employers and hurting employees.”

    “Meanwhile, the State will continue to work with LPT management to assist in any way we can to provide the best possible resolution.”

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    Physical Therapy Department Treating Women’s Pelvic Floor Disorders


    Are accepting referrals from primary care providers




    Two Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) physical therapists, Rebecca Gagnon-Pillsbury, MSPT, ATC, CLT; and Heather Patterson, PT; recently completed an extensive three-day course in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, level 1, offered by the Section on Women’s Health of the American Physical Therapy Association. As a result, they are accepting referrals from primary care providers to treat female patients who have pelvic floor disorders.


    Through the normal movement and stresses associated with daily living, a woman’s pelvic floor can weaken or carry undue stress, resulting in urinary or bowel urgency, incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, back pain, or pain with intercourse. Physical therapy can break into those dysfunctional cycles through education, behavior modification, and exercises to facilitate normal coordination of pelvic floor muscles.

    Patients seeking treatment will have an initial evaluation that includes an extensive history interview, examination of the spine and lower extremities, biofeedback assessment of the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles, an internal pelvic floor assessment, and education and initiation of a home program of exercises.


    “We are very excited to have our physical therapy department add the treatment of pelvic floor disorders to the services we provide,” said Susan Loughrey, FMH interim director of physical rehabilitation & sports medicine. “Many women suffer from urgency, urinary and stress incontinence, back pain, and pelvic pain that can have a great impact on their lives. A woman who suffers from these symptoms should talk to her doctor about it; incontinence can be treated.”


    Patterson and Gagnon-Pillsbury plan to also complete levels 2 and 3 offered by the Section on Women’s Health of the American Physical Therapy Association, which will result in a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP). The CAPP is awarded to physical therapists who complete three courses of training in pelvic physical therapy, pass written and clinical testing requirements at each level, and successfully complete a written case report.


    Other women’s health services offered by the FMH Physical Therapy department include: treatment for back pain related to pregnancy and post-partum issues; lymphedema; post-operative breast care; treatment of lower back pain; and osteoporosis.


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    Second Year of PEP Grant Funding begins with the school year


    The new school year is beginning and so is the second year of the Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant awarded to Healthy Community Coalition (HCC) and area schools to expand physical activity opportunities for students. The grant titled, “Franklin County Youth Bringing Home the Gold,” was awarded in May 2014 for three years and includes Mt. Blue RSD, MSAD #58, and Flagstaff RSU schools.


    The goals of the PEP grant are to:

    a)      increase daily physical activity for all students

    b)      increase the number of students who consume the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables

    c)      improve physical education and nutrition education curriculum


    The PEP grant offers the schools a number of opportunities to improve the daily physical activity and nutrition education for students. Before and after-school activities, equipment for physical education and classroom learning, and professional development for staff to teach best practices and lead upcoming activities are part of the grant.


    Letters to parents will be going out from local schools explaining the data collection process and requesting their permission for their child to participate. If you want your child to participate, you don’t need to return the form. However, if you DON’T want your child to participate, it is very important to return the form to the school. HCC only collects data from students we have permission for and data is never reported on an individual. In addition to the letter, there is a photo release form from Franklin Community Health Network that needs to be completed by parents so we may use photos in any media opportunities promoting the PEP Grant activities at school or in the communities.


    What data will we be collecting?

    1)      Schools will be doing fitness testing at the end of September through mid-October, and HCC will use this data to measure progress on the group as a whole including aerobic capacity, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

    2)      Some students who are selected through a random sample process will be asked to wear an activity monitor watch which will measure how many steps they take per day and what level of physical activity they achieve (light, moderate to vigorous, very vigorous).

    3)      HCC will also conduct a student survey on how many fruits and vegetables they are eating.


    “These pieces of data give us information about what types of curriculum changes are needed in schools and afterschool programs and are extremely valuable,” said Laurie Soucy, HCC PEP grant director. “We also use this information to teach students about their own personal health and well-being.


    “Fitness equipment was ordered and recently installed and the areas are gearing up for student use; the schools have made a lot of accommodations so this can happen,” Soucy added. “This will help students improve their fitness scores to meet the grant objectives.”


    The grant will also fund schools to opportunities to take field trips to participate in a physical activity or nutrition related educational experiences such as supermarket tours, skiing, and trips to local farms.


    In addition, there will be afterschool programming in the coming months at various schools and community venues that will offer opportunities to students (from RSU 9, MSAD 58, Stratton School and home-schooled students who are registered with any of these districts) to practice what they are learning in school and to learn new skills.  For example, we will be planning again to work with Titcomb Mountain to offer free ski nights again, and opportunities for swim lessons at UMF Fitness and Recreation Center.


    One initiative of the PEP Grant is to get schools to enroll in the 5210 Let’s Go! program to get credit for things they are already doing to promote healthy lifestyles with children and their families. We will be working closely with Molly Clark, of HCC to make this happen. 5210 Let’s Go! offers some great tips to classroom teachers and for afterschool or out of school programs that are free for the asking. The PEP grant will also support some purchases of needed equipment or supplies to carry this out.


    For questions regarding the grant or the required data collection, please contact Laurie Soucy at or (207) 779-2924.


    About Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County

    Healthy Community Coalition of Greater Franklin County, founded in 1989, is one of the oldest health coalitions in the country. Its mission is to measurably improve the wellbeing of all people in Greater Franklin County and neighboring towns using a coordinated public health approach of education, promotion, and outreach. With its qualified staff of public health professionals, Healthy Community Coalition offers health screenings, health information, programs and events to support healthy lifestyles that prevent disease and improve quality of life.  Its community outreach efforts appear in every town and corner of the region. For more information, please visit


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    Dr. Thomas Pulling to Answer Sports Medicine Questions at the Fair

    Will be on the mobile health unit on Wednesday from 2-4 p.m.



    Dr. Thomas Pulling, a provider at Franklin Health Orthopaedics since 2011, will be on board the Healthy Community Coalition’s mobile health unit at the Farmington Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 2-4 p.m. to answer any sports medicine questions, including information on concussions. 


    Dr. Pulling is board-certified in family medicine and completed a fellowship in sports medicine at Maine Medical Center. Dr. Pulling’s professional interest is in sport and athletic medicine and he has served as team physician at high school, collegiate, and professional levels including the University of Southern Maine and the Portland Pirates.


    Dr. Pulling is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, and is a member and instructor for the National Ski Patrol.


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     Women’s Care Practice Hosting Party Sept. 27

    Come wish Dr. Connie Adler well during her retirement




    Franklin Health Women’s Care is hosting a party on Sunday, September 27, 4–6 p.m., in the Bass Room at Franklin Memorial Hospital to celebrate the birthdays of all children born here, the many women in our community the practice has cared for, and the accomplishments we have achieved together over the years.


    Come wish Dr. Connie Adler well during her retirement, as well as Dr. Jay Naliboff as he has stepped into a new role as vice president of medical affairs at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Meet and chat with our current health care team that includes: Tara Aumand, MD; Susan Kearing, DO; James MacDonald, MD; and Jennifer Zeliger, MD.


    Bring the whole family and enjoy children’s activities including face painting, bean bag toss, and a fishing game; free coloring books and crayons; balloons; cake and ice cream; and more! Feel free to mail or drop off photos and stories to the practice in advance to be on display that day or mail to Franklin Health Women’s Care, 111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938.


    Local radio station WKTJ FM 99.3 will be doing a live remote that day providing music and will feature interviews with Dr. Adler, Dr. Naliboff, Dr. MacDonald, and others.


    For additional information contact Molly Chaplin at 778-6394 or email:

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    Media Advisory: Governor LePage & First Lady to Announce Support for Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign

    September 15, 2015

    For Immediate Release: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
    Contact: Adrienne Bennett, Press Secretary, 207-287-2531, Julie Rabinowitz, Department of Labor, 207-621-5009

    Governor Paul R. LePage and First Lady Ann LePage will lend their support to the Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign at a news conference at the Blaine House on Wednesday afternoon.

    The Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign will take place over 100 days with the goal of committing at least 100 employers to recruit veterans with the result of at least 100 veterans hired. The Governor will announce the number of employers enrolled to date. The campaign officially kicked off on Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2015.

    The campaign provides support for employers to expand the hiring of veterans, to include a network of state and federal agencies, resources and nonprofits; education on military language and culture; assistance with recruiting, hiring, assimilation and retention; a Veteran Hiring Toolkit and recognition for the hiring and advancement of veterans.

    More information about the campaign is available at:

    Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter: #MaineHireAVet.

    Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015
    4 p.m.

    Blaine House, Augusta

    Project Partners:
    The Maine Department of Labor and its CareerCenters, Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve, Hero2Hired, Veterans Inc., VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment, VA Veterans Homeless Program, VA Office of Rural Health and the Maine Bureau of Veterans Service

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