Governor Thanks Republican Leaders for Supporting Prosperity for Maine People

23 Apr 2015 9:25 AM | Deleted user


Governor Thanks Republican Leaders for Supporting Prosperity for Maine People


Contact: Adrienne Bennett, Press Secretary, 207-287-2531

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage asked Legislative leadership for bipartisan support for his bill to amend the Maine Constitution to eliminate the State income tax, but only Republican leaders stepped up to endorse it. Democrat leaders are opposed to eliminating the income tax.

“I thank Republican leaders for quickly acting to support prosperity for the Maine people,” Governor LePage said. “They know that eliminating the income tax is the largest wage increase for all working Mainers and will put over one billion dollars a year back into their paychecks. Mainers know much better than government how to spend their own money.”

The Governor expressed disappointment that Democratic leaders in the Legislature continue to reject any effort to give Mainers back the money they have rightfully earned.

“Democrats do not want prosperity for Mainers,” the Governor said. “They just want to keep growing government, no matter how much they have to raise taxes to pay for it. Their rhetoric against improving our economy is nothing more than ideological fabrication. There is no amount of the Maine people’s money they won’t take for their tax-and-spend follies.”

The Governor’s bill, LR 1983, “Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Eliminate the Income Tax,” would end the income tax by 2020.

Republican leaders who are cosponsoring the bill are:

Sen. Mike Thobodeau (R) Waldo County - Maine Senate President

Sen. Garret Mason (R) Androscoggin County - Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Andre Cushing (R) Penobscot County – Assistant Senate Majority Leader

Rep. Ken Fredette (R) Newport – House Republican Leader

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