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" Business of the Year"- 

This award will recognize a Chamber business that has made a positive and beneficial impact to the Jay, Livermore, and Livermore Falls communities.  Positive impacts might include supporting employees in volunteerism, adding jobs within the community, making monetary contributions that go towards the advancement of the future of our area, or any number of other achievements.   These business contributions are important to the future of our communities, and for that we extend our appreciation with this award.  The Business of the Year will be selected by the popular vote of our Chamber membership.Please, vote your choice for Business of the Year; one vote per business membership.  The top three candidates by popular vote will get announced in December with the winner announced at the Annual Meeting in January.

"Employee of Year"-

This award recognizes a Chamber business employee that has a made a positive beneficial impact to our area and has demonstrated a commitment to the success of the business, going above and beyond the call of duty, and proving themselves a committed team member that sincerely cares about the people they work with and for.

Nominate one individual on your staff, and provide a short narrative (no more than 1 page, please) of why they deserve this award.  Our Awards Committee will choose the top three to be announced in December, with the winner announced at the Annual Meeting in January.

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16 Aug 2018 5:00 PM • Wilson Lake Inn, Wilton Maine

Old Bridge on the Androscoggin at Pine Island

The Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to our beautiful rural Maine community. Our towns- Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls, have all one needs: fine schools, nearby hospitals and medical centers, higher educational opportunities, innovative town governments, as well as police and fire protection. We also boast a civic spirit that encourages everything from high school sports to July 4th fireworks, harvest festivals, historical celebrations, farmers markets, as well as the nurturing of a growing business climate.Our Chamber continues to connect local businesses and the social interests of the community. We encourage and look toward to increased participation by the business community and individuals in the future. 

Administrative Assistant - Christine Fournier,  500-2464

2017 Chair -Kim Turner, Otis Federal Credit Union 

2017 Vice Chair - Karin Ashmore, Ted Berry Co.

2017 Past Chair -Bob Berry, Main-Land Development Consultants, Inc.  

The 2016 Executive Board

from left to right:

Paul Soucie, Kim Turner, Sue Donovan, Bob Berry, Eileen Liddy, Bruce Adam, Christine Fournier, and Karin Ashmore


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